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Howth hiking tours connect you with the land, sea and the sky of the UNESCO Dublin Biosphere.
A world away yet only 25 minutes from the city centre.
Get off the beaten track and explore our Howth guided hiking tours, getting under the skin of Dublin and Ireland.
This is a gnarly and beautiful coastal experience all year round and now also a favourite with locals. 
Dive into the nature and history of Ireland on our award-winning Howth hike tour around Howth head.
Tune your senses and spirit to the ancient druids of Howth.
Feel and sense the romance at Aideen's grave, a Druidic altar as old as the pyramids.
Hike to HG Wells' most beautiful view in the world. Follow WB Yeats' Fairy Road down to the sea and the cliffs. Surrender to the whispers of the woodland and stories of the trees.
Take steps into the myths and legends of 10,000 years. Our small groups make sure you don't get lost in the crowd.
35 easy minutes from Dublin city centre by Dart or 31 Buses with free Wi-Fi, or taxi. 
We recommend cross trainers, boots or stout shoes.  Keep an eye on the weather and think about a light waterproof, gloves, scarf and hat in a backpack. Bring along water and a snack to enjoy en-route.   
Get the 31 or 31/a bus from Talbot street in the city centre, sit upstairs, up front or on the right-hand side and treat yourself to a coastal tour and intimate review of Dublin as you make your way out to join us in Howth. 
The Dart works well too (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) and both have excellent free Wi-Fi.
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Assemble at 11.00 am at Howth Tourist Information Centre, Harbour House, Harbour Road, only 5 minutes walk from the Dart Station.

Head up through Howth Village by the old tramlines to the Bog of Frogs and through the woodlands to the rhododendrons and ancient dolmen, Aideen's Grave.

Follow the trails and magic steps to Muck Rock and incredible views north, south east and west. 

Walk around Shielmartin Hill to Sutton Martello Tower and Red-Rock overlooking Dublin Bay and the Wicklow mountains. 

Howth Head Hiking doesn't get any better than this, discover the amazing south facing beaches and rock pools of Sheep's Hole, Guinness's, Jameson's and the Candlesticks.

Find the smugglers caves, ruined boathouses and nostalgic swimming pools.

Ascend the majestic cliff paths from the Baily Lighthouse to the Summit.

Head back down to the village around 3pm.

The journey may vary to make sure you get the best of each other, Howth, the weather and the tide.

Howth Hiking Route Map Dublin

Howth Hike Trails

A: Howth Tourism Office. B: The old Tramlines
C: Evora. D: Ben Edar E: Aideens Grave. F: Muck Rock
G: Mud Oak Cottage. H: Barren Hill I: Red Rock. J: Bellinghams Harbour
K: The Needles. L: The Lions Head M: Old Baily Cottage. N: The Summit Inn
O: The Seventy Steps. P: The Village Q: Howth Abbey

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